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P is for present and sometimes, for pampering.


Coiffs, Frocks, Bubbles and Spoilt New Years.

surface |ˈsərfis|

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Marcio Kogan + Clements Ribeiro –> Surfacers.

C16H14O3 House

Clements Ribeiro

‘The surface is far from superficial.

Details matter.

Textures are telling.

Everything is in the surface.

Architecture turns out to be nothing more than texture.

To wear a building, by entering it, is to feel its weave.

More precisely, to feel the surface is to enter.

Occupying a space does not involve passing through

some kind of opening in the surface,

like a door, to find an interior.

To occupy is to wrap yourself in the sensuous surface.

Enclosure is a surface effect.’

Mark Wigley



Nothing lies underneath.

Figures become ambiguous,

two dimensional

and everything summons up

in the texture.

Shiny, glimmerish, yet reflective,

a pretentious facade

that never pretends,

localizes meanings

in statu nascendi.


Sources: Wallpaper*, Dictionary, Style.com, Google.

ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from French (see sur- , face ), suggested by Latinsuperficies.


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Shell 01 # Clothing


The question of house if first of all a question of clothing.

And clothing is a matter of customization.

As Walter Gropius accentuates in a

1924 article called ‘Housing-Industry’

housing like clothing

may have to be as single as a person’s identity.

‘Is it a reflection of man’s way of life that

each individual’s dwelling should differ entirely

from that of every other individual?

Is it not a sign of intellectual impoverishment

and fallacious thinking to furnish a dwelling in rococo or Renaissance style

while identical modern clothes are worn in all parts of the world?

The majority of citizens of a specific country

have similar dwelling and living requirements

is it therefore hard to understand

why the dwellings we build should not show

a similar unification as, say, our clothes, shoes or automobiles.

The danger of undesirable suppression of legimate individual

requirements should be no greater here than in the case of fashions.’

* In the example on Holly Golightly’s ‘customization’ was never an matter of shell –

but rather an issue of cell.

demo mode™

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Maison Un

camera one

‘Houses, like their occupants,

flaunted their anatomy, and while some had beautiful bodies that

(while they remained young)

delighted the passer-by, others had not.

Any kind of clothing for the bare concrete seemed dishonest.

Pure white was de rigeur, partly because it emphasized the smoothly mechanical texture,

& pointed the contrast between it and surrounding nature’

Lionel Brett – The things we see.


* Spent the day on this lousy render (so describing it will be left out of the picture).

When me imac is fed with extra memory, it will re-turn as re-fine.


Sources: Archicad, Pc mode & Lionel Brett.

bricolage |ˌbrēkōˈlä zh; ˌbrikə-|

In Architecture & Fashion on December 18, 2008 at 21:42

A Bustle @ Time Machine


1. At Case Study House no.29 by Julius-Shulman (California 1960) 


2. At Chuey-House by Julius-Shulman (Los Angeles 1958)


3. At Chapelle Royale – Château de Versailles (≈1038)

Today i spent the day

on bri – collage*.

Imagined a Lady in a bustled dress

– approximately during 1880 –

experiencing architecture through time.

She interrogates interiors

while seeking the relation 

between space & fashion.

In a non-eveningwear gesture

she lingers among 

the case study houses

of the 1960s

to terminate her trip

at Chapelle Royale

somewhen after 1038.


 Collages that summon up images of

non-existing far-off places.

Pictures that experience a sneaky preview

to what reality would have been 

if our most direct shells

– clothing & building –

resulted untuned.


Sources: Wikipedia, Thirdphaze, Wictionary, Babelfish, Dictionary.


* noun ( pl. same or lages)(in art or literature) construction or creation from a diverse range of available things the chaotic bricolage of the novel is brought together in a unifying gesture.• something constructed or created in this way bricolages of painted junk.

ORIGIN mid 20th cent.Frenchfrom bricoler do odd jobsrepair.’




Versailles meets Versace

In Architecture & Fashion on December 17, 2008 at 19:22

Versailles & Versace


Or when Louis Quinze met hi-tech. 

Contrary to the ‘Pre-Raphaelite’ artists

who painted women wearing particular dresses

in particular interiors &

woed betide any woman

who ‘would enter such a room in a dress

that was not artistically suitable’.   

A Versace maillot,

lying in the middle of a Versailles ballroom

is not something that Marie Antoinette 

would have imagined back in the late 1700.

Futuristic fabrics on the clothing

and elegant velour on the decoration

can be pretty affectionate mates.

Datable to the personal reign of Louis XV

 this french Rococo style furniture

came in two sets

one for the summer and one for the winter.

While exotic woods & marbles 

were employed to further the highly ornamental effect.

Chief of the craftsmen,

was – among others – the king’s mistress 

Madame de Pompadour.

She is listed – under the term occupation – 

as the ‘Maîtresse en titre’ to Louis XV.


No doubt that the maîtresse pictured

would have also blown the king’s mind away.


Sources: Bwgreyscale, Wikipedia, Dictionary, Bibliography.



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Roksanda Ilincic gown as vv (vice versa*)




Some days are vice and some days are versa.

Today, is just another sunday.

Soaking myself – again –

in garamat drops &

mesulid meds.

*i pfff my immune system* 


I came across Roksanda Ilincic

for the very first time.

Place your bets, she has graduated – indeed –

‘le’ St.Martins

after studying Architecture & Applied Arts 

in Belgrade.

Among her signatures,

3d pleating, twisted bows and raw edges 

are up high on the list.

When architectural cuts

meet ‘le’ haute couture,

this is what happens.

Never boring pieces of clothing,

that can be both

vice & versa.


*  Vice-versa was my favourite YSl parfume – such a pitty to have been a collector’s item. 

The dress is on sale on net-a-porter, claim it on time for the new years eve.

Product code: 34925


Sources: Londonfashionweek, Net-a-porter,Dictionary, Wikipedia.








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Le Corbusier – The poem of the right angle


Le Corbusier –> Handwriting

Years ago
– while at the first steps of architecture’s promenade –
a friend of mine asked me
‘what is the first name of Le Corbusier’
and i paused.
I had never thought about it,
so i replied that i knew, but i could not recall.
Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris,
 chose to be known as:
Le Corbusier,
as he strongly believed
 that anyone could reinvent oneself.
‘Ma réponse – Mon choix’
– as he concludes the above letter.
 His new name was an altered form of
his maternal grandfather’s name:
Lecorbésier *.
Le Corbusier also became a French
citizen at his thirties.
Today i spent the day
translating my cv in french,
keeping in mind that
this would be not
a Jeanneret’s kind of way,
bearing – on the contrary – the thought
that reinvention may not be my answer
(ma réponse)
but it is a certainly of my choice
(mon choix).
It is always a matter of the right angle.

* Some architectural historians claim that this pseudonym translates as ‘the crow-like’ one.
Sources: Babelfish, Dictionary, Pick-Tureen, Wikipedia.


In Design & Fashion on December 12, 2008 at 23:19

Chanel PF09 + J’aime Hayon


Ruby Red –> Russian Tsar


Chesterfield <– Ruby Red –> Ettore Sottsas




‘Salle de Bains’


*sleeve’s red detail*


*red carnations on bull’s head detail*


*heel as leg*


*leg as heel*

I have a thing concerning details

a tiny – yet fundamental – fetisch.

Karl (for Chanel) &

Jaime (for himself)

are all the way there.

Shuffling Russian Avant-garde

with Louis Quinze,

techno lux

with boho glam.

‘Paris-Moscou’ is the name

of the Pre Fall 09

Chanel collection,

stirring ruby red 

with the Byzantine empresses

and the French embroideries

with the Fabergé eggs.

While, the new Chanel nail color release

the deep blue – iridescent Nuit de Russie,

would match perfect with the

‘Multileg Cabinet’

from ‘Showtime Collection’ 

of Jaime Hayon.

The latter – a well known designer –

introduces products which

mirror the perfect fusion

between expression & function.

Shuffling ultra modern

with timeless classics.

Already a cult,

Hayon manages to address

– what Lagerfeld has achieved for ages –

an unpretentious elegance.

In other words,

the freedom of experimentalism.


Sources: Dictionary, Wikipedia, Style.com, Hayon Studio.

crinoline |ˈkrinl-in|

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Crinoline as construction material




historical a stiffened or hooped petticoat worn to make a long skirt stand out.

a stiff fabric made of horsehair and cotton or linenthread, typically used for stiffening petticoats or as alining.

ORIGIN mid 19th cent. (originally in sense 2, early crinolines being made of such material): from French, formed irregularly from Latin crinis ‘hair’ linum‘thread.’


Sources: Wikipedia, Dictionary, Victoriana, Fashion & Fashion Designers Dictionary.


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